Dyna Tite® Galvanized Steel Cable Lock Wire Rope, 1/8 inch

      Duro Dyne DDWC4

    • Mfg.Part # : DDWC4
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    • Mfg.Name : Duro Dyne
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    • Part # : DDWC4
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      • Min Order Qty : 1 | Qty Interval : 1

    Wire Rope, 1/8 inch Rope Diameter, Galvanized Steel

    Rope Diameter      :      1/8 inch
    Material      :      Galvanized Steel

    The Dyna-Tite suspension system utilizes cable locks and wire rope to secure ductwork and equipment. This method has been shown to reduce installation time and improve safety at the job site when compared to traditional hanging methods such as threaded rod, perforated strap, and band iron. The Duro Loop Cable Sling enhances the Dyna-Tite suspension system by the addition of a pre-looped cable end. Once the wire rope is pulled around the anchor point and through the looped end of the cable it is already secured at one end, saving time at the job site. The remaining wire rope "drop" is passed through a channel in the Dyna-Tite Cable Lock. Then the wire rope is either wrapped around the ductwork or inserted through a fastening point and back up into the second channel of the same cable lock. The locking teeth inside the cable lock engage the wire rope which secures the ductwork in place.

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